Wise Group
Ship Agency Services provide prompt, efficient and effective agency services to vessels, principals and service providers. From an experienced centralized operational hub, Ship Agency Services. dedicated team provides outstanding communication and knowledge of ports, commodities and compliance requirements for any Yemeni port.
Wise supports many owners requirements including crew changes, Cash to Master, storing/provisioning, repairs and maintenance, crew medical/dental and liberty launches. All arrangements are monitored and reported by our central operational hub. Cargo Agency Many cargo owners wish to protect their valuable assets as much as possible by controlling the shipping function as much as possible and by nominating their own reputable and experienced agent in the Charter Party, Contract of Affreightment, or Sales Contract this ensures their interests are protected. Wise are privileged to be appointed in such a capacity and ensure our people are well trained, and our processes well-honed to achieve a successful outcome.
Where the cargo interest does not have the influence to nominate their own agent under the Charter Party, there is the option to appoint their own representative to protect their own interests in the way of a Shippers or receivers agent. Our experienced team in our operational hub have a combined agency experience of years across all commodities and therefore fully understand the requirements of acting in a representative capacity protecting our clients needs at all times. Documentation Documentation needs including Certificates of Origin, Freight invoicing, Shippers Cargo Declarations, Certificates of Weight, Quality Certificates as well as traditional shipping documents such as Notice of Readiness, Statement of Fact, Letters of Authority, Laytime Statement, Manifests, Stowplans, Bills of Lading, Mates receipts, etc are readily available and can be designed to meet individual requirements.
Wise can offer landside transportation, warehousing & storage solutions, barging, freight forwarding, customs clearance of spares, equipment or vessels, procurement of goods and services. Through a network of suppliers, contractors and vendors, Wise can provide solutions to any logistical need throughout Yemen , whether it is a hand-size parcel or a heavy lift module.